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Weekend Activities

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Sea Kayaking - Recently Added !!

April 11, 2021

$20/session - Students



This one-day session is designed as an introduction to sea kayaking. Over the course of the day students learn basic sea kayaking techniques. Students learn how to prepare for a sea kayak day trip, how to enter and exit a kayak, and basic strokes. The rest of the day is spent improving upon and learning new skills, paddling, and exploring the ocean.


River Rafting

March 28, 2021

$35/session - Students


Nanaimo River


Rafting Info


 This is a fun and exciting day of river rafting. The upper Nanaimo River is the river run we use for this rafting trip. Students are given an extensive pre-trip information session before we go rafting for the day. All course participants are given a full wetsuit that is worn while in the rafts. The river is very scenic and has some excellent whitewater rapids that we run in the inflatable rafts. We normally have lunch midway down our river run. Students should expect to carry rafts and rafting gear to and from the river. As this is a Talk to Me event there is a special focus put on social connections and meeting new people



                     Jan 16/ Feb 7/ Mar 7, 2021

                    $25/session - Students


                             Mt Washington

                     REGISTER HERE for Mar 7

                      Snowshoeing Information



This is a day trip to the Mt. Washington Alpine Resort or Forbidden Plateau area to experience backcountry snowshoeing. The trip leaves from the resort’s base area or trailhead and explores the local area and trails of Mt. Washington and neighboring Strathcona Provincial Park, or Forbidden Plateau. Introductory snowshoe lessons are provided by Vancouver Island University staff.  


Cross Country Skiing

                           Jan 31/ Feb 28, 2021

                     $30/ session - Students

                              8am - 5:30pm

                              Mt Washington
                      REGISTER HERE for Feb 28th

                        Cross Country Information

This is a day trip to Mt. Washington Alpine Resort to cross country ski. Introductory cross country ski lessons are provided by VIU staff for interested students. We generally ski in the morning/lesson and return to Mt. Washington’s Raven Lodge for lunch. In the afternoon we ski again and enjoy the beautiful mountain trails in and around the area. 


Waterfall Hiking - Rosewall Falls

March 14, 2021

$12 - Student

10 am - 3:30 pm

Rosewall Falls 


Waterfall Hiking - Rosewall Falls Information



This trip is a guided day hike up to Rosewall Falls. Rosewall waterfall is located north of Nanaimo and is accessed through a rough trail network. The trail is steep in spots and the weather could be challenging, so please be prepared. 

Standup Paddle Board

Standup Paddle Board VIU Outdoor Recreation

March 21, 2021

$25 - Student 

10 am - 3:30 pm



Standup Paddle Board Information


 This one-day session is designed as an introduction to the popular new sport of standup paddleboarding (SUP).  Over the course of the activity, students learn basic SUP paddling techniques. Students learn how to prepare for a SUP day trip, how to get on and standup on the board, and basic strokes.

Surfing - Cancelled

Surfing VIU Outdoor Recreation

April 11 and 17, 2021

$48 - Students 
$25/Students (no transportatiom)

7 am - 6 pm

Pacific Rim National Park

REGISTER HERE for April 11 with transportation

REGISTER HERE for April 11 without transpotation

REGISTER HERE for April 17 with transportation

REGISTER HERE for April 17 without transportation

Surfing Information



This is a fun and exciting day of surf instruction and surfing in Pacific Rim National Park. While on the beach students are given a pre-trip information session covering the following topics: surf formation and surf dynamics, surfing hazards, personal hazards, and how to surf. After the information session students then spend the rest of the day surfing. Depending on the weather and student interest, we normally spend about 3.5 hours surfing, and then travel back to Nanaimo.