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Food, Nut and Allergy Policy

Updated April 13th, 2021

At camp VIU we are aware that many campers have food or nut allergies. As an organization, we strive to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants. While we cannot guarantee nut or other food allergen free environments we do ask that participants and their caregivers adhere to the following rules related to food.

  • Camp VIU asks that all parents and youth avoid packing/preparing lunches and snacks containing nuts or traces of nuts. Please read food labels carefully before packing food products.

  • Camp VIU asks that all campers, volunteers and staff refrain from sharing and/or trading lunches and snacks with others

  • If participants have an allergy they must report it to camp staff at the time of registration or on the first day of camp

  • Participants who require an EpiPen for their allergy MUST bring it to camp EVERYDAY

  • EpiPens will be held by camp first aid attendants for the duration of camp and then returned to participants at the end of every day

  • campVIU head instructors and VIU gymnasium attendants all hold Standard First Aid and CPR-C or higher and are trained to recognize the symptoms of an allergic reaction and if necessary, administer EpiPens.

  • Parents will be sent specific drop-off doors before the first day of camp to help further maintain social distancing during drop-off

Should you have any questions or concerns or your child has any allergies and you wish to speak with us, please contact us at or call (250)-740-6418