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Camper Behavior Expectations

campVIU strives to ensure that all campers have a positive experience at camp. To do this we ask that all incoming campers and their parents read through the following camp rules and policies before the start of their program.

Camper Behavior Expectations

campVIU asks all leaders and campers to act with 3 kinds of respect while at camp: respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment.

Respect for self entails that all campers are advocates for their own experience while at camp. This includes:

  • Engaging in all camp activities to the best of one's ability

  • Asking questions and being open and honest with leaders if a camper does not understand or does not feel confident or comfortable with any camp activities

  • Taking reasonable care to protect one’s self from injury or harm (ie. tying shoe laces, staying with the group and keeping hydrated)

  • Arriving to camp on time and ready for the day and to play!

  • Being proud of one’s successes at camp

  • Informing leaders if a camper does not feel well

Respect for others relates to how camper’s treat instructors, leaders and coaches as well as other campers

  • Respecting instructors, leaders and coaches

    • Giving full attention an instructor, leader, coach or other camper is speaking

    • Obey all rules instructors and coaches implement

    • Limiting physical contact to high fives and handshakes

  • Respecting Other Campers

    • Absolutely no fighting, hitting or aggressive behavior

    • Using respectful language and refraining from arguing, name-calling or swearing

    • Participating fully in each activity and helping others to do the same

    • Limiting physical contact to high fives and handshakes unless the activity demands it (ex. Playing defence in basketball)

  • Bullying is any type of unwanted physical, verbal, social or psychological or cyber bullying behavior that humiliates or intimidates an individual. Bullying is not tolerated at campVIU or Mariners in Training programs. If an incident of bullying is reported or observed at camp:

    • The participant displaying the bullying behavior will be asked to genuinely apologize through word, intent and action as appropriate for their age and level of understanding

    • Camp Staff will monitor and document ongoing behavior and speak/maintain open communication with caretakers and administrators in order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of all participants

    • In serious cases of bullying, camp administrators or head instructors/coaches may recommend that participants be removed from the program and potentially future programs. In these cases, a meeting may be held with instructors, administrative staff and caregivers to discuss future action.

Respect for Environment asks that all campers are mindful and respectful of the facilities, environments and materials they use throughout their program.

  • Campers are asked to follow a “take nothing but photo’s leave nothing but footprints” ethic when participating in campVIU programs

  • Theft or purposeful damage/destruction of property or environment will not be tolerated

  • Campers are asked to treat program equipment with respect. Equipment should be  used only for it’s designed purpose unless permitted by an instructor.